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Who’s Exhibiting

Our Exhibitors


Company: Baja Medgate

Booth Number: 8

We integrate and focus on the individual through the connection of therapies, education, nutrition and products among many others. Each health challenge in the body is as distinctive as the patient’s own fingerprint. There is no pre-ordained program to treating illness. Each and every protocol must be designed exclusively for the patient who is being treated.


Company: Bio-Botanical Research

Booth Number: 14

Bio-Botanical Research provides Broad-Spectrum botanical formulations to address G. I. Dysbiosis, Systemic Immune Challenges, and Inflammation. Candida, SIBO, H. Pylori, Biofilms, LPS Endotoxins, Lyme disease and Autism are all areas of research.

Our flagship formula Biocidin® has been clinically and lab verified for effectiveness. Celebrating 27 years helping physicians address infections naturally.


Company: DNA Connections

Booth Number: 13

Explore and Identify – We perform targeted genetic testing to identify inherent conditions and foreign DNA and provide necessary information to healthcare providers for treatment. Foreign bacterial, viral and fungal and parasitic microbes can be identified from root canal, cavitation, implants and other oral samples. To explore genes such as ApoE and gluten intolerance and to develop relevant research protocols.


Company: Jigsaw Health

Booth Number: 25

Jigsaw Health offers premium dietary supplements, with a special focus on Sustained Release Technology (SRT) that controls the release of active ingredients (ie. Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B) so absorption happens over time – as your body requires – instead of all at once.

Jigsaw Health has recently launched a new product called Jigsaw Electrolyte Supreme™ – Lemon Lime that contains a broad spectrum of electrolytes, minerals and vitamins to provide a refreshing and nourishing, energy-boosting beverage.

Company: Master Supplements

Booth Number: 11

Master Supplements is committed to raising the standard on digestive health. We pride ourselves on products that have evolved from scientific research and valuable feedback from our healthcare community. Our probiotic, fiber, and enzyme supplements address various issues throughout the
digestive tract.

By partnering with Master Supplements, you can guarantee your patients access to the highest quality digestive supplements. Our mission is to research naturally occurring, symbiotic, probiotic micro-organisms and bioactive prebiotics and develop high potency nutraceutical products
based on this research.


Company: Meridian Valley Lab

Booth Number: 9

Meridian Valley Lab is a world leader in Allergy and Hormone Testing, specializing in Comprehensive 24-Hour Urine Hormone and Metabolite Testing. Meridian Valley was the first lab in the USA to offer this test to help doctors use Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy safely and effectively. Our pioneering spirit is in large part due to our Medical Director, Dr. Jonathan Wright, and his fearless dedication to serving humanity. Together, we have been taking laboratory testing to the next level since 1976.


Company: Merit Pharmaceuticals

Booth Number: 40

Offering IV Infusion from Merit? Getting your med/surg/pharma from us? Your colleagues are and they have higher profits. Merit supplies Anti Aging/Aesthetic/Integrative practitioners better prices on the products you use. Stop by our booth and learn why successful clinics partner with Merit. IV Therapy Nutrition/Hydration, Weight Loss, Hormones, IV solutions, PRP products, exam/surgical supplies and more. Merit offers pharmaceuticals (2, 3, 3N, 4), and related medical products.


Company: McGuff Compounding

Booth Number: 7

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services provides a level of commitment and value that is unsurpassed. We are independently certified as ISO 9001:2008 compliant and accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB). We compound all dosage forms including sterile injections and deliver to all US states, territories and protectorates.  Product quality and patient safety are our number one concern.


Company: Microbiome Labs

Booth Number: 24

MegaSporeBiotic is dispensed by Microbiome Labs, which was born out of the desire to improve the tools that integrative physicians have to improve the health and well being of their patients.

Microbiome Labs was founded by a practicing doctor and is dedicated to creating nutritional supplements with the highest quality, potency, and efficacy for health care professionals.


Company: MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis

Booth Number:  10

People are turning to genetic testing to help find answers to their health and need an experienced practitioner to help them. MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis™ online software is the tool you need to easily guide you through this seemingly complex process.

MGNA™ creates nutritional protocols, based upon one’s unique DNA, lab work, and presenting symptoms, giving you the ability to Assess, Analyze and Design Support™. This will take your practice into the future of care.


Company: Nube Health

Booth Number: 8

Nube Health is a specialty health resource for integrative healing, preventative medicine and chronic degenerative issues. Nube Health supports Photodynamic Laser Therapies, covering cancer and immune therapy, underlying infection processes, auto immune, arthritis and disc degeneration, neuro degenerative diseases, MS ALS Parkinson’s and Regenerative Medicine.


Company: Priority One Nutritional Supplements

Booth Number: 15

Priority One is a privately held company, founded and operated by the same family since 1988. Many companies claim quality, but true quality requires continual action. Our full-service CGMP manufacturing facility is certified under 21 CRF Part lll. We are a registered facility with the FDA and are certified by the State of Washington for dietary supplement manufacturing.

Integrity, Quality, Purity is our Priority

We truly care about what is happening in your practice and strive to support you and your patients. Priority One has been please to serve you with the tools for optimum nutritional health.

Company: The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc.

Booth Number: 26

Research-based clinical laboratory and leader in metabolic testing for mental health and wellness worldwide. We provide access to the most reliable, comprehensive, and understandable results, using the latest technology and proven techniques.

Company: Relax Saunas of Momentum

Booth Number: 4

The Relax Fir Infrared Sauna has been selling in the United States since 2002. The sauna filters out the Near Infrared (non absorbing energy) to give you a 95-100% pure Far Infrared Deep Penetrating energy which pulsates the water molecules, increases the core body temperature, hence mobilizing the lymphatic system, and thus increasing your chi energy, helping a person release heavy metals, chlorine, metabolic waste, and much more.

Company: Kashi Clinical Laboratories

Booth Number: 6

Kashi Clinical Laboratories is a fully-accredited clinical laboratory that specializes in a range of genomic healthcare services from HLA testing for Bone Marrow Transplants to UA toxicology/drug testing and genetic health panel testing. Kashi Lab offers a distinctive one-on-one approach in developing laboratory testing services to meet organization and project requirements. We promote well-being and quality of life by delivering the highest standard of laboratory work because we recognize our service as more than a test result.

Company: Perfect Balance

Booth Number: 23

Perfect Balance, Inc. is providing new hope for cancer victims. We have a proprietary formula which destroys the enzymatic protection of cancer cells and greatly increases NK cell activity. By inhibiting the production of Nagalase the cancer cell can no longer stop the immune system from doing its job. GC Maf resumes and rapid tumor breakdown is evident. Salicinium enhances NK cell activity and has been shown to kill both Cirulating Tumor Cells and Cancer Stem Cells.

Company: SafeConnect

Booth Number: 33

Safe~Connect Plus+® products and technology provide a solution for the damaging effects of microwave & radio wave radiation being emitted via Cell Phones, Computers, Microwave Ovens, Electrical Appliances, as well as negative energy from Indoor lighting and electric grids running through our homes. It’s everywhere and it is negatively impacting our Mental, Emotional and Physical Health, which translates into all forms of discomfort, stress, weakened immune system, fatigue, sleep disorders, memory loss and even cancer.

Company: Ecological Formulas

Booth Number: 34

Unique, niche formulas for the complex patient – that is what we focus on! Visit Ecological Formulas &
Cardiovascular Research at AAMP Scottsdale and receive your full size bottle of Magnesium Taurate and Lipothiamine (fat-soluble thiamine TTFD). We were the first company to introduce CDP Choline and
Uridine 300, Magnesium Taurate and fat-soluble thiamine, Allithiamine and Lipothiamine and the only company offering the supplement (iron storage protein) Ferritin and the mucin products, Sialex and Colixen.


Company: Allergy Research Group

Booth Number: 39

Since 1979, Allergy Research Group® and Dr. Stephen Levine have led the nutritional supplement industry, formulating the highest quality hypoallergenic, innovative, and unique new products. Countless allergic/sensitive customers rely on our products. We follow strict QC procedures and cGMP, and assay ingredients for identity, purity, and potency. Our mission is to provide the nutritional means for quality of life! ARG – the supplement provider-of choice for healthcare practitioners worldwide!


Company: BrainMaster Technologies

Booth Number: 18

BrainMaster Technologies Inc. is a single source of neurofeedback hardware, neurofeedback software, support and training for EEG and neurofeedback medical devices and systems. Offering U.S. made, FDA 510(K) registered EEG Bio/ Neurofeedback equipment. BrainAvatar clinical systems are evidence-based as well as innovative and include capabilities such as: 3D sLORETA Brain Imaging, QEEG Brain Mapping, up to 19 Channel Live Z Score Training and traditional biofeedback training.


Company: IonCleanse by AMD

Booth Number: 16

The IonCleanse by AMD is a patented detoxification system manufactured by A Major Difference out of Colorado. It is a safe, painless, and non-invasive form of total body detoxification through an ionizing foot bath. The IonCleanse by AMD is a great stand-alone modality, or it can also be combined with HBOT to further enhance the user’s experience. This system has been the exclusive footbath detoxification system featured in prominent autism conferences: AutismOne, Generation Rescue, TACA, and MedMaps.


Company: Park Compounding

Booth Number: 22

ParkRx pharmacies are dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative medicines to physicians and patients TODAY at accessible prices. ParkRx offers compounded formulations commonly prescribed by naturopathic physicians specializing in integrative oncology, autoimmunity, chronic infectious diseases, hormone therapy, and more.
Our team at ParkRx can assist you with unique formulations for your patients.


Company: PolyMVA

Booth Number: 21

AMARC Enterprises is the original and exclusive worldwide provider of authentic Poly-MVA, a uniquely-formulated combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to support cellular energy production and promote overall health.

We are committed to contributing to and supporting the evidence-based medical approach to a healthy lifestyle, accomplished through diet, exercise, supplementation and the use of integrative medicine. Since 2001, we have been providing Poly-MVA products and customer education that have helped thousands of people achieve better health.


Company: Professional Health Products

Booth Number: 3

Our philosophy is to offer the finest quality nutritional products to the health care professional at a reasonable price. The name Professional Health Products was chosen because this brand is sold exclusively to professional health care providers. It is our belief that nutrition should be administered and monitored by those best familiar with disease process and diagnosis – professional healthcare providers.

The PHP brand offers over 400 different products to tailor the nutritional and homeopathic support to the individual patient. Rather than using a “shotgun” approach with a few products to treat everything, our position is to create specific formulas that have a greater therapeutic influence on healing and to combine ingredients that are synergistic and enhance the desired therapeutic action.


Company: BrainMaster Technologies

Booth Number: 27

Sanoviv Medical Institute is a fully-licensed hospital that combines the best of conventional science with proven alternative therapies to give new hope to those struggling with cancer.
Located in beautiful Rosarito Beach, Mexico, Sanoviv specializes in integrative oncology, with one of the widest selections of advanced cancer therapies available anywhere. Our cutting-edge facility, combined with a warm and caring staff, provide the ideal environment for whole-body healing.


Company: Sovereign Laboratories

Booth Number: 17

A Sedona-based company dedicated to developing natural products that provide the public with the best solutions for optimal health. Founder Douglas Wyatt, was the founder and owner of Symbiotics who introduced colostrum for worldwide human consumption.Our management and development team has been involved with colostrum production and research for over twenty years. This level of experience is unmatched by any other company in the world and includes some of the world’s leading colostrum experts and a leading research specialist in gastro-intestinal, allergies and auto-immune conditions, anti-aging, athletic performance and immune-health issues.


Company: Women’s International Pharmacy

Booth Number: 38

Specializing in custom compounded bioidentical hormone prescriptions for men and women. Our pharmacy earned accreditation through the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) by following stringent proficiency and quality assurance standards. Our pharmacists focus on meeting individual needs for licensed medical practitioners and their patients. Whether you are a practitioner or patient you can be assured Women’s International Pharmacy is here for you and we respect your freedom of informed personal choice.


Company: OxyHealth

Booth Number: 20

Breakthrough technology allows our exclusive line of Portable Hyperbaric Chambers to fit into any office, clinic or home at a low price. Physicians, clinics and wellness centers now have the ability to offer affordable Hyperbaric Therapy on-site. Hyperbaric Therapy addresses the #1 need of the body safely and effectively. At OxyHealth, our mission is to ethically deliver chambers to doctors, who know the science they are prescribing to patients, who actually need this product. Quite simply, OxyHealth wants to provide chambers to those who have been examined, diagnosed, and deemed to need our chambers – to those patients who will gain from a physician’s hands-on protocol and expertise.


Company: Dutch Test by Precision Analytical

Booth Number:  28

Precision Analytical is committed to improving wellness by providing important insight into hormones and their function. Precision’s state-of-the-art innovation in testing uses the acronym DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones). The DUTCH Test™ quickly caught the attention of functional and integrative medicine influencers like Christiane Northrup, MD and Joseph Mercola, MD, and has become the world leader in hormone testing as their method is the most comprehensive informationally and offers the easiest sample collection.


Company: BioClinic Naturals

Booth Number: 5

Natural health pioneer, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno with fellow naturopathic physician and author, Dr. Michael T. Murray collaborated with Canada’s leading functional food manufacturer to develop the ultimate professional line — Bioclinic Naturals. Bioclinic Naturals’ commitment is to quality; pure, potent, tested and trusted products. Made in Canada, GMP, TGA (Australia) and USP certified.