Stephanie is an integrative nurse practitioner with over 10 years in the field of medicine. In 2009, Stephanie was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and eventually diagnosed with Crohn's. She started down a path of biologics and steroids with deteriorating health. As she desperately searched for answers, she stumbled upon integrative medicine. She went all in, changed her diet and started treating herself holistically. After 3 months of this change, she got off all her medications. Since 2014, Stephanie has been using her body as a research subject, helping others that she serves.
She has guided hundreds of patients to health and inspires to help other providers do the same.
She reminds doctors that medicine began by listening to patients. Being on both sides of health, she understands that healing is messy, scary and vulnerable for the patient and the provider, and being able to navigate through this with grace is powerful.
In 2015 Stephanie created her integrative clinic as well as an IV nutritional therapy clinic and owns her own supplement line, Select Balance.